5. Provide Outreach, Demonstration, Education, and Interpretation Opportunities

Develop an Interpretive Plan

As we implement management activities, we will also design an overall plan for an education program.


We are continuously identifying specific goals and outcomes we want to achieve through education. The interpretive plan will outline the management needs and resources required to implement education activities included in the finalized plan.


We hope to reach a large and diverse audience regarding the management practices used.

TSU Student Activities

The area provides numerous volunteer and education opportunities for classes, undergraduate research, and student organizations affiliated with Tarleton State University.


We continuously identify potential activities and opportunities for Tarleton students. Opportunities are shared with faculty and student organizations, who often utilize the property as an outdoor classroom.


The area provides hands on experience opportunities for Tarleton students. Field experience is an important component for these students and the completion of a wildlife degree.

Public Field Day

We plan to develop an annual field day that will provide an opportunity for landowners to tour the area and learn about the management and conservation practices implemented on the property.


We hope to collaborate with TPWD to plan a Field Day.


Provide and educational field day for other landowners that hope to learn about the management practices being implemented, and how they are beneficial.

Interpretive Signage

Individual plant markers will be used throughout the property to identify various native species.


As management practices are implemented, we will identify specific plants to be marked with identification information. We will eventually purchase and place markers to aid in educating the various ranch visitors.


This activity will create a supplemental learning tool for fellow landowners and other ranch visitors, as well as students from Tarleton State University.

Nature Trail

We will develop an interactive and educational nature trail on the property that highlights the management practices implemented.


We will identify potential nature trails, and determine the methods and materials needed to implement the final trail. Once completed, proper maintenance will be practiced and additions to the trail can be added over time.


This activity will be available for educational purposes on the property.

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