4. Evaluate New Management Practices

Evaluate Practices for Bermudagrass Conversion without Herbicides

Evaluating implemented management practices is important for successful management. Tarleton State University will design and implement a study to compare vegetation plots that are converted to native vegetation versus unconverted Bermudagrass plots.


We plan to design a study for this evaluation practice that can be used in relation to an undergraduate research project. After the research project is implemented, the study will consistently be evaluated until the completion of the project. We will then be able to review the data collected to evaluate the outcome of the implemented study.


We hope to identify the most successful means of eradicating bermudagrass without herbicide use.

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undergraduate research project

Tarleton State University will be providing an undergraduate student with the opportunity to conduct their own research on the ranch. This student will be studying the most successful methods to eradicate invasive grasses without the use of herbicides.

Stay tuned for more information!

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