2. Restore Ecosystem Function

Prescribed Fire

A prescribed burn plan was developed and will be implemented as conditions allow. Our plan includes burning the property’s upland sites on a five-year rotation, with one site set aside as a control comparison.


As conditions allow, rotational burns should be carried out each year. Controlled burns should always be planned out carefully, and properly follow all safety protocols.


Fire disturbance is an important natural process in grassland ecosystems. Prescribed fire will decrease undesirable species and brush encroachment and encourage new growth of native species. New growth should be seen in Spring of 2021.

Eradicate Bermudagrass

Bermudagrass eradication is important when restoring native vegetation. Most successful methods of eradication require herbicide use. We are trying to determine a successful method of removing bermudagrass without the use of herbicide.


Tarleton State University is working to design a research project that will identify the best method of removing bermudagrass without the use of herbicide.


We hope this project will provide a long-term plan for the removal of bermudagrass without herbicide use.

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